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April 18th, 2023

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In Today’s Brief

  • India: Record heat waves
  • Sudan: Fighting continues
  • Jalen Hurts: Staying with Eagles
  • Apple: Launches savings account

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Top Tips

Fox trial resumes

The defamation trial between Dominion Voting Systems and Fox Corp and Fox News will proceed today with jury selection after an announcement late Sunday evening that it would be delayed for a day.

While the judge proceeding over the trial didn’t give a reason for the 24-hour postponement, multiple reports claimed that Fox News was seeking to settle the case. The case centers on whether Fox defamed Dominion Voting Systems by claiming that the Denver-based company’s machines were used to rig the 2020 U.S. presidential election in favor of Joe Biden over then-President Donald Trump. Records produced as part of the lawsuit show that some of the network’s hosts and executives didn’t believe the allegations but still aired them.

Fox News anchors Tucker Carlson, Sean Hannity, and Maria Bartiromo are among the individuals who are expected to testify, along with Fox Corporation owner Rupert Murdoch.

Sega buys Angry Birds maker

Japan-based video gaming company Sega is acquiring Rovio, the Finnish developer behind the Angry Birds franchise, according to an announcement from the two companies.

The $775M deal represents a 19% premium on Rovio’s final closing price on Friday, April 14th. In a press release, Sega said it hopes to use “Rovio’s distinctive know-how in live service mobile game operation, to bring Sega’s current and new titles to the global mobile gaming market.” The company added that it also wants to help Rovio “expand its platform outside of mobile gaming.”

Sega is best known in Western nations for its Sonic the Hedgehog franchise, along with the Sega Genesis console that debuted in 1988. Rovio was founded in 2003 and launched the Angry Birds franchise in 2009. Five years later, Rovio said the Angry Birds series had surpassed 2B downloads, with 200M active users each month. The company went public in 2017.

Secret Chinese police stations

Two New York residents were arrested for allegedly running a secret Chinese government police station in Manhattan’s Chinatown neighborhood, according to the FBI and federal prosecutors.

According to a statement from the Justice Department, Liu Jianwang, 61, and Chen Jinping, 59, allegedly worked together to establish the first overseas police station in the U.S. on behalf of China’s Ministry of Public Security. The two men face charges of conspiring to act as agents for China and obstruction of justice. If convicted, they each face up to 25 years in prison.

U.S. Attorney Breon Peace said his office and the FBI’s New York Field Office are the “first law enforcement partners in the world to make arrests in connection with the Chinese government's overseas police stations.” Manhattan’s Chinatown station is believed to be one of at least 100 undisclosed stations operating in 53 countries, which the Chinese government has called “service centers” for nationals overseas.

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Quick Tips

Around the Globe

  • A heat wave in India has brought temperatures of 104 degrees Fahrenheit to West Bengal, Bihar, and Andhra Pradesh this week, with forecasters expecting similar temperatures to continue for several days (More)
  • Sudan entered its third consecutive day of fighting between the country’s military and a rival militia group; according to the Sudan Doctors’ Syndicate, at least 100 civilians have lost their lives and over 365 others have been wounded so far (More)
  • Air France & Airbus were acquitted over the 2009 crash of a flight from Rio de Janeiro to Paris after a French court ruled their errors couldn’t be proven as the cause of the incident, which left all 228 people on board dead (More)

On the Homefront

  • Kansas City Police are investigating the shooting of Ralph Yarl, a 16-year-old who was shot last week after arriving at the wrong house when trying to pick up his younger twin brothers from a friend’s residence; the homeowner who allegedly shot Yarl will face two felony charges (More)
  • NY Representative George Santos announced he is running for reelection in 2024 despite admitting to lying about his resume (More)
  • An Ohio grand jury cleared eight Akron police officers in connection to the June 2022 shooting death of Jayland Walker (More)

Glitz & Games

In partnership with Flaviar

  • Paramount+ ‘Sonic the Hedgehog’ spinoff series ‘Knuckles’ finalizes its cast; Idris Elba will return to voice the titular character, while the supporting cast includes Adam Pally, Edi Patterson, Julian Barratt, Scott Mescudi, and Ellie Taylor (More)
  • Jalen Hurts and the Philadelphia Eagles have agreed to a five-year contract extension for the quarterback to remain with the team, per multiple sources; the deal is reportedly the biggest contract in terms of average annual value in NFL history (More)
  • Jazz pianist Ahmad Jamal passed away at age 92 after a battle with prostate cancer, according to a statement from his family (More)

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Business & Markets

  • Major indexes in the stock market ended slightly higher after remaining flat for most of yesterday (Dow +0.30%, Nasdaq +0.28%, S&P 500 +0.33%)
  • The U.S. Treasury said that several automakers will lose access to tax credits under new rules for battery sourcing, including Volkswagen, BMW, Nissan, Rivian, Hyundai, and Volvo (More)
  • Apple launched its Apple Card savings account with a 4.15% annual percentage yield; users in the U.S. must have an Apple Card to open an account (More)

Tips & Tricks

  • Feel Good: See this still-thriving 400-year-old bonsai tree that survived the world’s first atomic bomb attack in Hiroshima and was donated to the U.S. in 1976 by Japanese bonsai master Masaru Yamaki as a sign of friendship between the two countries
  • Sneak Peek: Stephen King is at it again - watch the creepy official trailer for The Boogeyman, Hollywood’s latest adaptation from the King of Horror that’s due out in theaters on June 2nd
  • Bump This: English singer Romy of the indie rock band the xx reminds us to savor every moment in her new danceable single “Enjoy Your Life” - listen on Apple Music, Spotify, and YouTube
  • Chow Down: If you’re the kind of person who loves starting your day off with something sweet, try this recipe for chocolate raspberry smoothie bowls - once you taste the deliciousness, you’ll never believe how healthy it is for you
  • Go Deep: While some companies reported positive revenue and productivity results in four-day workweek experiments, a new study conducted by researchers at the University of South Australia revealed that a four-day workweek also brings health benefits to workers, such as greater physical activity and increased sleep
  • Hot Goss: Rock band Soundgarden is set to release its final songs with Chris Cornell after the band reached an agreement with the late singer’s widow Vicky
  • Life Hack: No matter how much water we drink, we may not be adequately hydrated if we don’t have enough electrolytes - check out some of these ideas for herbal waters that contain a ton of flavor and greater electrolyte content to keep you hydrated


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Looking Back…

On April 18th: Paul Revere makes his midnight ride on horseback to warn Boston-area residents of an imminent attack by British troops (1775); Zimbabwe achieves independence from the U.K. (1980); Wayne Gretzky skates in his last NHL game (1999); talk-show host Conan O’Brien is born (1963).

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