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July 28th, 2023

Good morning, and happy Friday! To kick off today’s newsletter, the University of Colorado is leaving the Pac-12 to rejoin the Big 12 after the school held a board of regents meeting to accept an invitation from its former conference, per an announcement from the university. If you follow college sports, tell us what you think of this change!

In Today’s Brief

  • Ukraine: Claims success on front lines
  • Trump: Facing new indictment charges
  • Eagles: Original bass player dies at 77
  • Bud Light: Layoffs at parent company

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Top Tips

Mountain Valley Pipeline ruling

The Supreme Court struck down orders from a lower court that blocked the construction of the Mountain Valley Pipeline, a natural-gas pipeline being built through Virginia and West Virginia.

Richmond, Virginia’s 4th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals cited environmental violations when it blocked work on the pipeline, even after Congress ordered its approval as part of the debt ceiling bill that was passed in June, and which President Biden signed into law. The Supreme Court’s order came as a three-judge panel of the appeals court was hearing arguments in the case.

The pipeline’s developer, Equitrans Midstream, said the pipeline will transport about 2B cubic feet per day of natural gas from West Virginia to consumers in the Mid-Atlantic and South Atlantic. Equitrans claims the project will generate $40M in new tax revenue for West Virginia, $10M in new tax revenue for Virginia, and up to $250M in royalties for West Virginia landowners.

GDP growth in Q2

The U.S. economy expanded at a 2.4% annual rate in Q2 of this year as measured by Gross Domestic Product (GDP), according to an announcement from the Commerce Department.

The growth marked an acceleration from the 2% GDP growth seen in Q1. The data reflects increases in consumer spending, capital spending from businesses, and private sector inventories. Consumer spending–the biggest overall contributor to GDP–grew 1.6% compared to the same period last year, down from the 4.2% growth of the first quarter. Business investment, meanwhile, jumped to 5.7% after declining 11.9% in the previous quarter.

In order to bring inflation to a target rate of 2%, the Fed has raised its benchmark rate 11 times since March 2022. Following the latest rate hike of 25 basis points on Wednesday, Fed Chair Jerome Powell announced in a press conference that the Fed’s economists no longer foresee a recession in the U.S.

July climate reports

The World Meteorological Organization and the European Commission released new data yesterday that claims this July is set to be the hottest month ever recorded.

Since weather records only go back to the middle of the 19th century, the two agencies gathered their data based on observing tree rings as well as other indicators like Antarctic ice cores and “other proxies” that reportedly extrapolate a time period of over 120K years. When speaking to reporters in New York outside the U.N. headquarters, U.N. Secretary-General Antonio Guterres called for “dramatic, immediate” action and said, “the era of global warming has ended; the era of global boiling has arrived.”

According to the European Commission’s report, the global average temperature for the first 23 days of July was 62.51 degrees Fahrenheit. This temperature breaks the previous record of 61.93 degrees, which was set in July 2019.

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Quick Tips

Around the Globe

  • Ukraine’s military claimed they took the village of Staromaiorske on one of the front lines in the southeastern part of the country, according to a video published by Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky (More)
  • A bomb exploded in Damascus, Syria, leaving six dead and more than 20 wounded; the attack was near a Shia Muslim pilgrimage site and comes a day ahead of Ashura, a day of mourning observed by Shia Muslims (More)
  • The European Central Bank raised interest rates for the ninth straight time, bringing its main rate to 3.75%; the consecutive rate hikes mark the fastest credit tightening since the euro was launched in 1999, while inflation in the Eurozone sat at 5.5% in June (More)

On the Homefront

  • Bronny James was discharged from Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles yesterday; the 18-year-old son of LeBron James suffered cardiac arrest on Monday during basketball practice at USC (More)
  • Senator Dianne Feinstein began delivering a speech instead of voting in what appeared to be a moment of confusion during a Senate Appropriations Committee hearing; Feinstein, 90, is the oldest member serving in the Senate and missed more than two months of work this year as she recovered from a case of shingles (More)
  • Former President Donald Trump faces new charges of retaining classified material after the special counsel filed a new indictment yesterday; the indictment alleges that Trump and his aides asked a staffer to delete Mar-a-Lago security camera footage to obstruct the justice department’s investigation (More)

Glitz & Games

In partnership with Flaviar

  • A24 will release the sports drama ‘The Iron Claw’ nationwide on December 22nd; the film stars Zac Efron and Jeremy Allen White in the true story of professional wrestler brothers Kevin and Kerry Von Erich, respectively (More)
  • Original Eagles bassist & founding member Randy Meisner passed away at age 77, per a statement from the band; Meisner played and sang on all the band’s albums until 1979’s The Long Run and sang lead on the single “Take It to the Limit” (More)
  • The TV show ‘Suits’ set a viewing time record for an acquired series with 3.14B minutes of watch time in the week of June 26-July 2, according to Nielsen’s latest streaming data; the previous record was held by Manifest with a mark of 2.49B minutes (More)

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Business & Markets

  • Major indexes in the stock market closed lower, with the Dow snapping its longest streak of gains in almost 40 years (Dow -0.67%, Nasdaq -0.55%, S&P 500 -0.64%)
  • Anheuser-Busch will cut about 380 corporate jobs after seeing months of declining sales following a consumer boycott in response to Bud Light’s partnership with social media influencer Dylan Mulvaney (More)
  • American Airlines pilots’ union agreed to an offer for a new labor contract that includes pay matching with pilots at Delta Air Lines and United, whose pilots are on track to get about 40% raises over four years (More)

Tips & Tricks

  • Feel Good: Meet Kalya Gamage, a 14-year-old boy from New Zealand who saved his younger brother from a treacherous stretch of coastal water last year and is now receiving worldwide recognition for his bravery
  • Sneak Peak: From the world of Amazon’s The Boys comes Gen V. Young, a new TV show focusing on a group of aspiring heroes competing for their school’s coveted top ranking; check out the new trailer and follow along as the characters decide what type of heroes they are going to become
  • Bump This: English singer James Blake released his new soulful and bass-heavy single “Loading,” where he returns to his more experimental electronic music roots - listen on Apple Music, Spotify, and YouTube
  • Chow Down: Want to bring a dish to the potluck that has people coming back for seconds? Test out this recipe for jalapeno cornbread that's moist, spicy, and sweet all at once and will have others craving another slice
  • Go Deep: Social media has played a significant role in influencing polarization in the United States; dive deep into Meta’s algorithms and potential solutions for decreasing polarization across social media platforms
  • Hot Goss: The Smiths frontman Morrissey targeted the music industry and public figures in a tribute he penned to late Irish singer Sinead O’Connor, saying that they “hadn’t the guts to support her when she was alive” and noted that “she was dropped by her label after selling 7M albums for them”
  • Life Hack: Highly emotionally intelligent people are often successful in both their professional and personal lives - take this quiz to see if you have above-average emotional intelligence, and learn more about how to the ability to empathize with other peoples’ feelings while staying in touch with yours


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Looking Back…

On July 28th: Austria-Hungary declares war on Serbia, marking the beginning of World War One (1914); King Henry VIII of England marries his fifth wife, Catherine Howard (1540); On the Waterfront, starring Marlon Brando and Eva Marie Saint, is released (1954); composer Johann Sebastian Bach dies at age 65 (1750).

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