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November 24, 2023

Good morning and happy (Black) Friday! We hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving! Everyone has extra from yesterday’s feast and everyone knows it never tastes quite as good when you reheat them (except the canned cranberry sauce). But celebrity chef David Chang has some ideas for how to elevate your leftovers. Enjoy and have a great weekend!

In Today’s Brief

  • Biden: Calls for national unity on holiday
  • Netherlands: Far-right party breakthrough
  • Eagles: In control of NFC playoff picture
  • X: Major brands continue to stop advertising

... and more

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Top Tips

Gaza truce period begins

Israel and Hamas began a four-day truce this morning, with hostages and prisoners expected to be released later today.

  • The deal: Hamas is expected to release 50 hostages in stages. The Israelis will also release Palestinian prisoners in waves. And there will be no fighting for the next few days as humanitarian aid is delivered to Gaza.
  • War will continue: Israel said it will resume military operations in the enclave once the truce window closes. Israeli defense minister Yoav Gallant said he expects the war will continue for at least two more months.
  • Hospital head arrested: Israel detained the director of Al-Shifa, Gaza’s largest hospital. Israel raided the facility last week and has said Hamas used it as a command center. The militant group has denied the claim despite Israel realizing evidence of weapons, underground tunnels and hostages held at the hospital.

NY car explosion was not terrorism

The FBI does not believe a car explosion Wednesday near the northern border in western New York was related to terrorism.

  • What happened: Investigators believe a couple's Bentley struck a curb at a Rainbow Bridge checkpoint, then went airborne and crashed into a screening area before exploding. Both passengers died. All four crossing bridges near the Niagara Falls area were temporarily closed, but the three not involved in the crash were reopened.
  • More to come: Officials did not name the deceased, but said the car was tied to a New York state resident. Investigators said they did not know if the crash was accidental or intentional as they worked to learn more. The couple is believed to have been at a casino in the area before the crash.
  • Terror ruled out: Gov. Kathy Hochul said there was no indication the act was terrorism, refuting early erroneous news reports. No explosives were found at the scene and the case is now considered a traffic matter.

OpenAI letter preceded CEO firing

OpenAI staffers expressed fear artificial intelligence could threaten humanity days before the company’s CEO was ousted.

  • Open letter: Researchers at the company wrote to its board expressing fear about an ongoing project. The staff suggested the program’s success may lead to AI breakthroughs that could endanger people. CEO Sam Altman was fired several days after the letter was sent.
  • CEO already back: Altman was reinstated Wednesday after several days of upheaval. Most of OpenAI’s employees threatened mass resignations if he did not return to the company, which launched ChatGPT.
  • State of play: Altman returns to OpenAI along with president Greg Brockman, who had stepped down in protest, as well as a revamped board. Altman had initially agreed to join Microsoft, OpenAI’s main investor, before getting his job back. It is not clear if he will still do work there.

Recommended Reading!

10 years worth of tech news happened in the last few days … and this section just scratches the surface of what’s going on with OpenAI, Microsoft, and the complete upheaval in the world of AI. 

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Quick Tips

U.S. News

  • President Joe Biden said Americans need to come together and "stop the rancor" yesterday. His comments came during a phone interview with NBC (More)
  • A freight train derailment in Kentucky caused a fire and led to evacuations. Sixteen train cars were involved and molten sulfur was spilled (More)
  • A Louisiana parish sheriff election was decided by one vote after over 43,000 went to the polls. The losing candidate has demanded a recount (More)

World News

  • South Korea alleged North Korea received help from Russia after it successfully launched a spy satellite into orbit this week after its previous attempts failed. It is not yet known if the satellite is operational (More)
  • Netherlands politician Geert Wilders led his party to a surprise victory in the country’s general elections. But Wilders' hardline far-right views will complicate his efforts to form a governing coalition and become prime minister (More)
  • The city of Venice announced a pilot program that will charge travelers a roughly $6 fee to visit during peak weekends. The measure is designed to thin crowds and encourage longer stays (More)

Entertainment & Sports

  • The Philadelphia Eagles have a two-game loss column lead for the NFC's top seed after the Green Bay Packers upset the Detroit Lions yesterday. The Dallas Cowboys and San Francisco 49ers also scored key victories. (More)
  • Actor Jamie Foxx was accused of a 2015 sexual assault in a lawsuit filed before New York's Adult Survivors Act expires. The alleged incident is said to have occurred at a Manhattan rooftop bar (More)
  • Hall and Oates have legal beef. Daryl Hall has filed a lawsuit and temporary restraining order against musical partner John Oates in Nashville Chancery Court due to an unspecified financial dispute (More)

Business & Markets

  • Major indexes all closed higher before the holiday, with the Dow leading the gains (Dow +0.53%, Nasdaq +0.46%, S&P 500 +0.41%).
  • A dozen major brands have stopped advertising on X due to concerns about antisemitic and hate speech on the platform. Disney and Comcast are among the companies that have bailed (More)
  • Berkshire Hathaway CEO Warren Buffett released an unexpected letter to shareholders after he donated nearly $900M to charity. The legendary investor said he feels good at age 93, but realizes he is “playing in extra innings” (More)

Tips & Tricks

  • Feel Good: Is your dog obsessed with toilet paper rolls? What about a cat that hides broccoli like it is a secret treasure? This compilation of animal owners sharing anecdotes about their pets’ quirks will both warm your heart and have you on the floor laughing.
  • Sneak Peek: Amazon Prime has released a trailer for Role Play, a thriller where one couple’s attempt to rejuvenate their relationship reveals a stunning secret. Kaley Cuoco plays a suburban wife and mother who leads a double life as a contract killer, and her husband – David Oyelowo – is pulled into her dangerous world.
  • Listen In: Slate has launched the new season of its One Year podcast – focusing on 1990 this time around – with a fascinating look at how a Western institution played a significant role in the end of the Soviet Union. The key force? Pizza Hut.
  • Go Deep: An excerpt from the upcoming book The Fabulist, an upcoming book about scandal-plagued New York Rep. George Santos, details his early days working at a satellite television call center. Among the revelations: He pledged to pay for a colleague’s wedding dress, but never did.
  • Northern Exposure: Wild pigs have become an invasive species in parts of Canada and are now threatening to pour over the border. Officials in Minnesota, Montana and North Dakota are taking steps to stop the hordes of feral swine and prevent an “ecological train wreck.”
  • Drink Up: Spring water from the Himalaya Mountains in Bhutan has become a hot commodity for India’s elite, with people paying an average laborer’s daily wage to purchase a single bottle at hotels and restaurants. It is the latest example of the worldwide luxury water industry.
  • Life Hack: Does red wine give you a headache? Researchers believe they have proof a naturally occurring compound in the wine can interfere with the metabolism of alcohol, and there are ways to reduce the risks.

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Breaking down Love Actually in an incredibly thorough manner.

… while examining some sleeper candidates to capture Oscars.

The BBC has shut down Top Gear for the foreseeable future.

A southern city has its first GOP mayor since Reconstruction.

Roger Goodell is on board with Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift.

… and TikTok is amazed by the invisible string dating theory.

Carnegie Mellon's computer science majors have reason to brag.

This is why domestic wine has become so much more expensive.

Looking Ahead …

OPEC+ delayed its next policy meeting — scheduled for Sunday — until next Thursday. The move caused a drop in global oil prices and suggests there are disagreements about anticipated output cuts. Continued uncertainty could send domestic gas prices even lower over the next few days.

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