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March 2nd, 2022

Good morning, and welcome to your Thursday. In Iran, dozens of girls from 26 schools are reportedly being treated for poisoning after another wave of apparent toxic gas attacks, which have affected several hundreds of girls in the country since November. While some suspect the poisonings are a deliberate attempt to force girls’ schools to close, the Iranian government hasn’t said whether it believes the attacks are premeditated. What do you think?

In Today’s Brief

  • Nigeria: Tinubu elected president
  • FBI: Concludes Covid came from lab
  • DoorDash: Partners with Chase
  • Justin Bieber: World tour canceled

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Top Tips

Eli Lilly cuts insulin prices

Pharmaceutical company Eli Lilly yesterday announced that it will be reducing the prices of its insulin products used to treat type 1 and 2 diabetes.

In a message to investors, the company said it would cut the price of Humalog–the company’s most-prescribed insulin product–by 70% in the fourth quarter. Prices of Humulin will also fall by 70% at the same time. The price of generic insulin lispro, which is the same product as Humalog, will drop on May 1st to $25 per vial. Per the company’s statement, that price is less than a vial of Humalog cost in 1999. Lispro currently sells for up to $82.41 per vial.

Eli Lilly also said it would cap out-of-pocket costs for its insulin at $35 a month at participating retail pharmacies. According to an October 2022 study, over 1M American adults with diabetes ration insulin due to its high costs.

TikTok limits screen time

TikTok announced a batch of new features intended to reduce the time its younger users spend on the app each day.

According to a press release from TikTok, a daily limit of 60 minutes will be automatically applied to every TikTok user under 18 years old “in the coming weeks.” Teens that hit the limit will be asked to enter a passcode to continue watching. TikTok’s press release notes that users can disable the feature, but if they do so and spend more than 100 minutes on the app a day, they’ll be prompted to set a new limit.

TikTok, which is owned by Chinese parent company ByteDance, has prompted concerns that Beijing could use the app to collect private data. Yesterday’s announcement comes a day after the White House announced that it had given all U.S. government agencies 30 days to ensure they do not have TikTok on federal devices and systems.

Rescue in the Amazon

A Bolivian man who claimed to have been missing in the Amazon rainforest alone for a month has recounted details of how he survived during the time.

Jhonattan Acosta, 30, was reportedly separated from four friends on January 25th while hunting in northern Bolivia. His family reported him missing at the end of January, and search and rescue teams found him last Saturday, February 25th. Speaking to reporters after he was found, Acosta said, “I had to consume insects, drink my urine, eat worms.” He added that he was “attacked by animals” and recounted using his boots to collect rainwater to drink. By the time he was found, Acosta had reportedly lost 37 pounds, was suffering from dehydration, and had a dislocated ankle.

Police said they would question Acosta’s friends to understand how he became separated from them. If his story is confirmed, the experience would make Acosta one of the longest-ever lone Amazon survivors.

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Quick Tips

Around the Globe

  • FBI Director Christopher Wray said Covid-19’s origins are “most likely a potential lab incident” in China; Wray’s announcement is the first public confirmation of the FBI’s classified assessment of how the virus emerged and comes days after the U.S. Energy Department arrived at a similar conclusion (More)
  • Greece’s Transportation Minister Kostas Karamanlis resigned after a train traveling from Athens to Thessaloniki crashed and left at least 43 people dead; in terms of casualties, it is the country’s deadliest train accident (More)
  • Bola Tinubu of Nigeria’s ruling party has been declared president-elect of the country with 37% of the vote, according to official election results (More)

On the Homefront

  • New York City has agreed to settle with demonstrators at a 2020 protest related to the killing of George Floyd who were “arrested, detained, and/or subjected to force by police officers,” according to a court filing (More)
  • Los Angeles County will pay the Bryant family $28.85M to settle remaining claims over photos that deputies shared after a 2020 helicopter crash that killed Kobe and Gianna Bryant along with seven others (More)
  • The illness known as “Havana Syndrome” reported by U.S. intelligence and other officials overseas that first emerged in Cuba in 2016 was “unlikely” to be the work of a foreign adversary, according to a U.S. intelligence report released yesterday (More)

Glitz & Games

  • Justin Bieber cancels all remaining dates of his Justice world tour following multiple postponements due to health issues (More)
  • Venus Williams joins private equity firm Topspin Consumer Partners as the company’s newest Operating Partner (More)
  • Georgia defensive lineman and top NFL prospect Jalen Carter has been charged with reckless driving and racing in connection with a January 15th crash that left a teammate and a university recruiting staff member dead (More)

Business & Markets

  • Major indexes in the stock market ended mixed, with the Nasdaq and S&P 500 closing lower to begin March (Dow +0.04%, Nasdaq -0.65%, S&P 500 -0.47%)
  • Food delivery software service DoorDash is launching its first-ever credit card with Chase, according to a statement from the company; cardholders will be able to earn rewards on delivery and every other purchase made with the card (More)
  • Shares of cloud software maker Salesforce (NYSE: CRM) rose by 14% in extended trading after the company announced revenue growth of 14% year-over-year in Q4 (More)

Tips & Tricks

  • Feel Good: 29 animal species have recovered enough in Australia to be taken off the country’s endangered species list; among the animals are the sooty albatross, waterfall frog, Flinder’s Range worm-lizard, yellow-footed rock wallabies, humpback whale, and others
  • Sneak Peek: See Rachel Weisz and…well, Rachel Weisz again as a pair of twin doctors in the official teaser for the upcoming Prime Video series Dead Ringer
  • Bump This: Indie pop stalwarts CHVRCHES takes you back to the golden age of 80s music in their new synth-pop single “Over” - listen on Apple Music, Spotify, and YouTube
  • Jaw Drop: A mummy was found in a man’s cooler bag in Peru when police stopped and searched him for drinking alcohol at a cultural site; the body is estimated to be between 600-800 years old, according to Peru’s Ministry of Culture (the man reportedly referred to the mummified body as “Juanita,” though it was found to be male)
  • Go Deep: From “trauma dumping” to “petfluencer” to “northpaw,” check out’s list of new words from 2023 so far…and tell us what you think
  • Hot Goss: King Charles III has reportedly evicted Meghan Markle and Prince Harry from their UK home, Frogmore Cottage, following the release of Prince Harry’s memoir, Spare
  • Life Hack: No one likes seeing aging skin when they look in the mirror, but there are ways to enhance skin that won't take up all your time - here are three habits to tighten and brighten your skin that you only need to do once a week


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Looking Back…

On March 2nd: The Jones-Shafroth Act takes effect, designating Puerto Rico as a territory of the United States (1917); Wilt Chamberlain scores a record 100 points in an NBA game for the Philadelphia Warriors against the New York Knicks (1962); the film adaptation of The Sound of Music premieres (1965); English actor Daniel Craig is born (1968).

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