Our Story

When people ask how Tip News began, the answer is simple: we set out to create the newsletter we wished was in our inbox every day.

Over the past few years, we’ve become increasingly frustrated with the unyielding bias of major media outlets. Maybe you can relate. Let’s face it – if you pick any two news companies, you might read two completely different interpretations of the same story. But the news shouldn’t be telling us how to interpret the facts. It should just be delivering them, plain and simple.

We believe that being bombarded with consistently skewed news has very real consequences on culture. The mainstream media industry capitalizes on intentional divisiveness, and has become centralized to the point of directly steering public opinion.

Tip News formed to be part of the solution.

If you’re anything like us, you wish for a world of more kindness, peace, and patience. We imagined a news source where readers could get the most pertinent information and details, without feeling manipulated by sensationalism or clickbait.

That’s exactly why we created Tip News: to deliver you a well-rounded Daily Brief you can trust, in a format that includes practical life tips, fun recommendations, and a dash of humor, to get you on with your day as quickly as possible. Whether it’s culture, business, politics, sports, entertainment, and more, our experts comb through hundreds of sources every day to present you with exactly what’s happening, not what we think about it.

Tip News is independently owned and operated by its employees, instead of a major corporation controlled by billionaires.

What We Value


We routinely challenge each other to present the most pertinent information as ‘down-the-middle’ as possible. Every word in your Daily Brief has been combed through to ensure that you receive exactly what we promise: impartial news that you can rely on.


Our team consists of individuals from different ethnic backgrounds, political identities, and professional experiences, including journalism, eCommerce, entertainment, and more. We rely on our difference in perspectives to help us see—and understand—multiple sides.


Just the facts, 100% of the time. When it comes to keeping you in the know, we call back the values of “old-school” journalism: an era when news was given to you straight, without opinions or sensationalism.


We’re always aiming for grammatical and journalistic perfection in the Daily Brief, and just like you…we’re human. If we get something wrong, whether it’s a typo, statistic, or otherwise, please tell us! Your feedback keeps Tip News evolving and growing into a better news source, benefiting all readers.


We spend every day curating and scouring hundreds of sources to make the Daily Brief your one-stop-shop for staying in the know. Saving you hours of extensive reading and research, we whip up a five-minute read to present you with the most need-to-know issues.


At Tip News, we recognize the cultural and psychological harm of promoting an “us vs. them” mentality when delivering the facts. We imagine a world where everyone can be kept well informed without the need to put others down because of who they are or what they believe.


We are independently owned and operated, not part of a huge corporation or conglomerate controlled by billionaires.
Like other free newsletters, we make our money through advertisements. We don’t just partner with any advertiser, though. We choose brands whose values best align with ours…and advertisers are never offered any conversation or input on what we can and cannot report in the Daily Brief.

Yes! Your Daily Brief is 100% free, and you can unsubscribe at any time.

In your Daily Brief, we do our best to present three main headlines that hold the most amount of relevance to the most readers. We also include highlights from around the world, the US, entertainment, business, sports, and more to keep you up to speed with as much as we can.
Transparency is important to us. In the main headlines of your Daily Brief, we link to several different sources we combed through to present the story. Every story or highlight is linked to at least one other news outlet so you can read more about any topic if you want to.
To us, “unbiased” means unemotional and unskewed writing. We’re human, and we may feel a certain way about things…but we believe that when it comes to the news, our job is to tell you what happened, not what we think about it.
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